Noctuam (Pty) Ltd is a privately-owned security service provider, providing counter-poaching services to various private game reserves, including Sabi Sand, Londolozi, Elephant Point, Mejejane, Klaserie, and Umbabat. Noctuam further provides in-house lodge and boom security services to Londolozi. Across Africa, Noctuam provides general security services in danger zone areas (supporting Enviro-Insight and Confluent in their EIA activities) and was specifically involved in counter-poaching operations and training of counter-poaching units at Garamba National Parks, DRC. Although Noctuam is proud of a clean record, with no asset losses, since the start in 2013, we believe our success was also due to good relationships and coordination between all security service providers, including intelligence agencies and the South African Police.


Noctuam only registered in South Africa in 2014 but the shareholder, board members, and employees come from a history of company ownership and operational involvement in several countries outside South Africa. Most significantly, we evolved from International Specialized Services (ISS), a Kabul-based security provider in Afghanistan, to Noctuam today. We are successful in employing our expertise all over the globe and completed projects in countries including South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Tanzania, Somalia, Libya, and DRC. Protecting people, facilities and assets remain a challenge for organizations in high-threat areas.

Robust and intelligent security is the key to survival and demands the expertise of trusted providers. Our employees and contractors are experienced specialists with years of experience serving in the military on specialized high-risk projects, doing special operations, law enforcement, and counterterrorism. We supplement our security services with a comprehensive on-site analysis of facilities’ current physical security conditions, security staff, procedures, communications capabilities, emergency action plans, in-country risk assessments, command centers, and training programs. We then recommend and implement cost-effective solutions to mitigate and eliminate risks and losses.